Read Ephesians 4:25. “Put away lying” and “speak the truth with your

1.Read Ephesians 4:25. “Put away lying” and “speak the truth with your neighbor.” What does that mean to you in the context of your organization? Within your cohort? At your home? What are the implications when those outside the organization ask tough questions we have no desire to answer about our actions or activities?(200Words)

2.Watch the videos, “Real-Time Sales and Marketing Speaker” and “SXSW 2012 Newsjacking talk” at Reflect on the video by discussing David Scott’s assertions about how to be ready when the market is right and newsjacking. Give an example (like the Oakley marketer with the Chilean miner rescue) of how a specific product or service effectively “newsjacked” to design a marketing campaign. What were the end results of the successful newsjack?(200Words)

3.In a 1 page paper, using chapter 8 of Koegel and the section on Segmenting your Buyers from Scott in chapter 14, describe the unique characteristics of a typical audience that you would encounter in your workplace. You may approach this assignment from the perspective of a current leadership position you hold or one that you hope to have in the future. Include how you would tailor your presentation to the audience. 4.Write a 2-page paper in which you evaluate a company whose core ideology (as HBR article 3 describes) in your opinion, is particularly effective. Include the following: •Core values and core purpose of the company •How the company’s strategy has adapted effectively to changing conditions and circumstances •A summary of the customer value proposition •Your key takeaways on strategy from studying this company


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