Regarding technology, people don’t see it as harmful but as

 Regarding technology, people don’t see it as harmful but as a teaching tool. What humans need to know is that technology can help or potentially increase more problems in the future for their neck, back, thumbs, hands, and even eyesight. They can also lose how to get resources. How could humans fix this problem before it becomes a severe problem? How can you get your children to stop or slow down on technology? What can humankind do to prevent problems in the future or try to decrease them before they start or before the problems get worse? There is always a way to reduce technology suffering. Technology came about in the 1960s but wasn’t what people see it as it is today, according to Thomas Jefferson University (2016). When technology starts affecting humanity in a way that will harm humankind will think more about their bodies and what could and would happen if they don’t react to the problem in avoidance. Technology is a problem that will affect the human race on their bodies, and 

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