Sovereignty – Is it based on land or people?

Predictions of rising sea levels have fueled speculation that the Republic of Maldives might disappear beneath the sea. There is time, however, to plan against this eventuality and all may not be lost for the Maldives. The changing climate is expected to result in higher sea levels. If this is true then there is a possibility that large portions of the Maldives (and possibly other island states) will become submerged. The land that Maldives identifies as their land will no longer exist in that it will not be inhabitable for its people. PAPER QUESTION: Using Grigsby’s definition of state and sovereignty (see the book’s glossary) provide what you believe will result if the Maldives’ land mass disappears? Can the Maldives still be considered a state? Explain. Source: USE THIS BOOK: Analyzing Politics: An Introduction to Political Science by Ellen Grigsby. You may use any edition from 3rd to 6th USE THIS CHAPTER: Chapter 3: Key Concepts in Political Science in Analyzing Politics, 4th edition by Ellen Grigsby. Page 48

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