Strategic human resource management: Analyze and assess the following

In the Final Project for this course, you demonstrate your understanding of the major topics presented by applying these concepts to a government or non-profit organization of your choice.

In your Final Project, you analyze and assess the following areas of the organization based on the processes and principles related to human resources management in a government or non-profit organization:

Mission and goals of the organization

Strategic human resource management

Applicable legal and ethical codes

Diversity considerations

Labor unions, privatization and outsourcing

Recruitment and selection methods

Compensation and benefits

Performance management and development

Opportunities, challenges, and trends

For the sections provide your analysis and assessment based on the processes and principles related to human resources management.

Week 10: Submit the Final Project (15 pages). Your Final Project must demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate to graduate-level scholarship. It must follow APA Publication Manual guidelines and be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. The project should be 15 pages in length (double-spaced), not including the title page, the abstract, and must include the course resources and at least 10–12 peer reviewed scholarly references which are no more than five years old.

Below is the Google Book for the resource.  Pynes must be one of the sources.

RESOURCES: Pynes, J. E. (2013). Human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations: A strategic approach (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. -book that was used during course,+J.+E.+(2013).+Human+resources+management+for+public+and+nonprofit+organizations:+A+strategic+approach+(4th+ed.).+San+Francisco,+CA:+Jossey-Bass.&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjyt6H69ozgAhXsSt8KHd2rCl8QuwUIQzAE#v=onepage&q=Pynes%2C%20J.%20E.%20(2013).%20Human%20resources%20management%20for%20public%20and%20nonprofit%20organizations%3A%20A%20strategic%20approach%20(4th%20ed.).%20San%20Francisco%2C%20CA%3A%20Jossey-Bass.&f=false

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