The Airfield

The paper will present a case study of a current issue affecting an airport. An example would be the expansion efforts at the Fort Lauderdale airport. The paper will be written in the current APA style and will be graded on content, grammar, and adherence to APA style. The paper will be 18-20 pages in length, and will be graded on its overall coverage of the selected topic. The paper comprises 30% of your grade. Again, grammar, clarity, and style will make up a major portion of your grade on this paper. Remember you are in an MBA program. Improper citations and bad grammar will not be accepted. Papers not meeting APA standards will be returned not graded. If you don’t understand APA style, please reference the Lynn University Web Site for information on APA guidelines. These papers represent scholarly work that results from synthesizing ideas and facts from several sources and articulating your own conclusions. Work that is not yours must be cited. That means, you should have citations throughout the paper stating where information came from that is not your own personally thought up information.


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