The answer to each question should have its own dedicated


The answer to each question should have its own dedicated paragraph, consisting of approximately 4-6 sentences each. This assignment is a writing/research exercise, so please verbalize self-created full sentences in paragraph form, and refrain from using bullet-style lists. 

  1. What are some of the unique challenges working parents face when trying to balance family and work?
  2. According to the Pew Research study, there was a significant gender gap in the responses to several of the survey items. Describe and contrast those findings. Be specific, and make sure you’re focusing on the Pew Research study Links to an external site.(and not the other article).
  3. Do you believe long-term flexible work options could be a “game changer” for women in the workforce? Explain your reasoning.

 You must cite your source(s), including any that may have been provided to you in the discussion prompt, in APA format 

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