The company is Target. This section is mostly to familiarize

The company is Target.

This section is mostly to familiarize your audience with
the firm before delving into deeper analysis of the firms’ ESG strategy and performance. This
section tends to be descriptive without much of your judgment.
1) Basic information (2 pages)
 Fortune rank, type of industry and its Global Industrial Classification Standard, CEO,
number of employees, the location of headers and global offices, the extent of its
 Reported sales and company performance over the last fiscal year, including data from
Standard & Poor’s and one other source
 Organization and structure of the governance system (Board and committees)
 Any other information you deem important to understand the firm
2) ESG strategy and factors, and key stakeholders identified by the firm (2 pages)
 Describe the ESG factors and goals (“program”) that the company is using
 Describe how each ESG factor is expected to benefit their primary stakeholders
(customers, employees, suppliers and community). Give one example for each

List up reference list using  APA Style.
Also note that you are required to include In-Text Citations using the APA Style Guide


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