The purpose of the virtual lab is to provide a

 The purpose of the virtual lab is to provide a hands-on learning experience of Wireshark and to analyze IP Protocols without compromising our own personal workstations or the workstations of others. The importance of this lab to cybersecurity is that, we as individuals who want to enter the profession of cybersecurity, knowing these protocols and getting familiar with their purpose is conducive to doing that job effectively. These tools are what makes a Cybersecurity Professional who they are. In this lab, we explored Wireshark and learned how to capture information between a source and a destination. The source can differ as you can see in my findings of frame 546 compared to frame 545. For Frame 546, the source was IntelCor while for Frame 545 the source was HonHaiPr, taking screenshots of both for reference. We learned how to identify a MAC address and what codes the IEEE assigns to a manufacturer which are the first 6 hexadecimal characters that are the representation of the source. This OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier) is important cause it identifies the location of which the interaction occurred. We also got a glimpse of how to run a Command Prompt, though it was only to ping the IP address of the computer, it was nice start because it was the first time I have ever had the opportunity to do that. We also accessed the Flow Graph, in order to identify the handshake and the time that it occurred, between the IP Host and Google. Lastly, we used the Filter Box to filter out all DNS-related packets and screenshotted it for reference. 

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