The US public health effects of infectious diseases in the

The US public health effects of infectious diseases in the workplace

a. What is the cost, in both resources and people, of this hazard?  How can it be effectively mitigated?


Your Analysis must include the minimum following components.  Also check the syllabus for more information:

1. The operational definition of public health and the issue that will be the foundation of this analysis.

2. A brief description (1 page) of the threat or an event that brought your issue to light and the threat and consequences that arose.

a. Your topic is about The US public health effects of infectious diseases in the workplace so you’ll be talking about its identification and spread.  

b.Why is it a major issue or threat? Will it spread or have long-term effects? What are they? Could it become a disaster in the immediate or long-term future?

3. What are the impacts of this topic on public health?

a. This needs to be the major part of your assignment.

4. Recommended mitigation efforts- what could be done to prevent short-term or long-term negative effects or disasters?

a. This should be significant, about a page long, and should be thoughtful.

b. These should be your ideas supported by your research

Do not include works in your references that are not cited.  You must use APA format for citations. This assignment  requires a cover sheet and an abstract, ask us if you have questions or need help. Failure to use APA citations is an automatic 10 points off your grade.  Word, Pages, and Google Docs can all auto-format your citations and create a works cited. There are also dozens of websites that can tell you exactly what to do.

You will be submitting your assignment through TurnItIn and the following rant is because every semester we have a student who thinks they can get away with it.  The end result is usually begging, tears, apologies, threats, and ultimately a failing grade – and that’s just from the instructor.  

Under no circumstances should you be using Wikipedia or similar web sites as a reference. This includes any website that allows for community editing of information (a wiki).  However, you may visit Wikipedia, etc. to find other primary sources for information.

must be 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman 11 font, with 1” margins.  Spacing before and after paragraphs needs to be set to 0.  These are specific, not automatic settings.  You must have a title page (which does have to be APA compliant), an abstract, and a works cited page.  These pages do not count as written content.  We use the grading rubric found below so there should be no surprises as to what you will be graded on.


Undergraduate: must be 5 pages of written content (This does not include title page, abstract, or works cited), and must cite at least 7 quality sources.

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