This week, you watched Fake news vs real news (PBS

This week, you watched Fake news vs real news (PBS online video):

Fake news is no longer a matter of the occasional hoax. There is growing evidence that fake news has the power to shape public opinion and even sway elections. As more Americans get their news online, it is increasingly vital that we as consumers know how to verify sources and spot fake news.
Topic 1 Questions:

  1. Explain at least two ways fake news could affect results of political elections?
  2. What can companies like Facebook and Twitter do to stop users from spreading fake news? What can we, as consumers, do? What do you think would work, especially with younger users?

Topic 2: Deepfakes

This week you read about Deepfakes in two different Read & Watch items, one created by CNN Business and one by Forbes. 

Deepfake technology will certainly become more prevalent as we move into the future.
Topic 2 Questions: 

  1. How concerned are you about the negative impact Deepfakes could have on society?

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