Tuberculosis health problem Haiti

 Drawing on themes and material from the class, each student will choose a health problem, question, or policy discussed in class relating to global health and anthropology (such as malaria, TB, or malnutrition) . You will write a 5-page (minimum) paper summarizing the problem and describing a program in a specific country or region that has attempted to address it. The paper should: 1) Provide an overview of the issue or policy in global context. 2) Choose a specific country where the problem has been addressed in a compelling and interesting way. 3) Discuss how anthropologists have contributed to understanding or resolving the issue or concern in that specific setting (such as understanding HIV stigma or exploring intrahousehold resource allocation and malnutrition). 4) Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the approach. 5) Discuss and describe how an anthropologist might conduct new research to evaluate the current efforts to improve them or help design a new approach to the problem. 6) References: Use standard social science journal citation and bibliography format. You should have 15-20 references including at least half from academic books or journals, while others references may include newspaper articles, websites, project reports or other “grey literature”. (No Wikipedia references!). 7) Presentation: All reports should be typed with 12-point font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins and stapled. Please remember page numbers, name, and title. There is a minimum of 5 pages required (not including references) but you can make it longer if you like.

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