Using research and readings outside of this course (making sure


Using research and readings outside of this course (making sure you always use citations for discussion question posts), identify 6 risk factors that are associated with substance misuse and/or dependence (min. 1 paragraph – 8 sentences). You need to define the risk factor to gain points not just name it. Make sure you label each risk factor (1) (2) etc, in the paragraph (No bullet lists). When I state risk factors, I mean the situations and characteristics of the person’s background that puts them at risk for use. Don’t respond to this question focused on the consequences of use — these are two different beasts/concepts.

Then create a realistic case history depicting an individual who has these risk factors (the story itself should be no shorter than 2 paragraphs, 8 sentences define a paragraph). No stories that are far-fetched. The story can focus on any gender and age.

Unhealthy alcohol use can look quite subtle in the beginning. Even if the individual has a risk factor, it doesn’t mean the person will become dependent on alcohol, but rather it increases the odds. (Create your own story — no stories from the internet. You may even anonymously highlight and use the risks factors from someone you know.)

Remember to always support your answers with in-text citations, plus a corresponding reference list. (If it is the reference list, then the reference must be used within the text as an in-text citation). Thank you!

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