Using what you learned in this lesson and from the


Using what you learned in this lesson and from the discussion board forum, provide your responses to the following statements and question.

  1. Identify and explain the framework of an effective unit level maintenance program.
  2. Identify and elaborate on the roles of two key personal involved in this framework.
  3. What have you implemented or do you plan to implement to improve unit level maintenance in your current or past unit?


     Your answers must:

  • be uploaded as a MS Word document
  • be in paragraph form
  • address each of the three topics listed above
  • consist of a minimum of 300 words
  • follow all rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation (run a spelling and grammar check before submission)
  • contain a minimum of one reference and one in-text citation, properly formatted within APA 7th ed. guidelines.

    Upload and submit your document for grading in Blackboard by clicking on the AMP Assignment SAQ title link above.

All submissions must be uploaded as .doc or .docx MS Word format with title on top of page. No other formats will be accepted.

NOTE: Your work will be evaluated on the expectations listed above, the assignment rubric, and lesson material.  Review the APA guidelines, lesson, and assignment rubric before you start your work.

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