W12 Collection Management (Dis Q & Quick write), W13 Industry case

W12 Collection Management Reading Required Reading: • Johnson, P. (2018). Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management (4th ed.). Chicago, IL: American Library Association. Chapter 6: pp. 197-235. • Evans and Alire Managing and Planning Physical Facilities, Chapter 19: pp. 483-508 • Rethinking Collection Management Plans,” (2012). • The Welcoming Labyrinth, (2018). • The Right to Browse, (2018). Learning Objectives W12 Discussion 01: The Right to Browse? Initial post and one response to classmate’s post due Instructions Do teaching faculty in academic institutions and public patrons of libraries have a “right to browse?”

What is at stake for collection development librarians in these cases? Week 12 Assignment 01: Quick Write #2 – Important essay Instructions and this assignment has greater point value You will submit a 1-2 page Quick Write assignment that briefly addresses the question posed below by including references to the course readings, and thoughtful, exploratory responses. You do not need to include full citations to the reading. A successful Quick Write may include any experiences you have had or have read about relating to the question that is posed. The instructor will use these reports as the basis for discussion and/or questions later on in the course. Question What are the advantages and disadvantages of open access scholarly publishing? Learning Objectives By the end of this week, you will be able to: • determine what materials should be preserved and how they should be preserved.

• evaluate the security of a library collection. • apply the concept of last copy. • determine what to do when disaster strikes. Instructional Materials Lecture: Listen to Chronicle of Higher Education.

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