We want to know what you think and how you’re

  1. We want to know what you think and how you’re doing!

    The following question will give you a chance to self-evaluate, to think about what you’ve been learning in this course, and to draw your own conclusions about how you can apply your problem solving skill in your life. Your answers may be used to determine how to improve the program for future students. Your answers will not be used for marketing purposes. Please respond in a paragraph of at least 5–7 sentences to fully address the question. Be sure to use your own words!

    • Consider your own experiences using data to solve problems in your personal and professional life. Share 2–3 specific examples of the ways data has helped you make a decision at home, work, or school.
    • Open a Word document and write your answers. When you are ready to submit your document, click the Reflect submission link, then click on Browse My Computer to upload your Word document with your responses.

      Make sure to click Submit when you are done.

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