What role does music have to play in children’s development and education?


The essay needs to be a 5000 WORD essay critically discussing the role music has to play in children’s development and education. This essay is a Music Psychology essay. Throughout the essay, you would ALWAYS have to provide empirical evidence to support your views and main arguments. When using empirical evidences within the main arguements, you should provide the in-text citations referencing the empirical evidence with the author’s last name and year of work i.e (Andrews, 2004) and of course, include all the in-text citations in the bibliography at the end.

It is very crucial to start the essay assignment EARLY, as the word count is 5000 words. Note: Attached is the FURTHER DETAILS of the essay assignment, identifying what needs to be done and what needs to be included, it is important to cautiously read it carefully before starting the assignment. ***The actual deadline is May 13th, 2019; the deadline on the order says in two weeks, but I will give you additional time for the essay assignment until the real deadline. As it is important to start and work early so that it gives plenty of time for editing and proofreading

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