When managing staff resources, educational leaders should seek to assign

 When managing staff resources, educational leaders should seek to assign teachers and staff to roles and responsibilities that match their professional skills, abilities, and interests in a way that will be best for student success.

For this assignment, take on the role of school principal at either an elementary or secondary school. You have several projected vacancies in various grades and subjects.

In 250-500 words, use either the “Antelope Elementary School Hiring Scenario” or the Antelope High School Hiring Scenario” to decide if you will fill these positions from your current faculty or accept outside applications to fill these projected vacancies.  

Address the following as a part of your planning, rationalizing your choices specific to:

  • District policy and/or collective bargaining procedures, seniority requirements, union or professional association mandates
  • Teacher screening procedures
  • How well the teacher collaborates with staff and community members to maintain a sense of involvement and trust
  • How their actions align with the ethical principles of compassion and concern for the common good

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