Women in Yisrael/Judaism The Tankh/Old Testament of the Bible shows

Women in Yisrael/Judaism 


The Tankh/Old Testament of the Bible shows some very powerful Yisraelite women.  

Write a brief exposition of the most significant, powerful, forceful, or dramatic action (or series of actions) 

that the Yisraelite/Jewish woman did in the passage(s) indicated below.   


1-Miriyam – (Exodus 15). 





2-Devorah – (Judges 4-5). 





3-Yael (Jael) – (Judges 4-5). 






4-Yudit (Judith) – (Yudit 10-13). 






5-Huldah – (2nd Kings 22 & 2nd Chronicles 34).  





6-Hadassah (Esther) –  

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