You have been referred the case of Carla Washburn, a

 You have been referred the case of Carla Washburn, a 74-year-old woman, whose sister has called your agency on her behalf. Widowed twenty years ago, Ms. Washburn recently lost her 25-year-old grandson, whom she raised from childhood. Recently, she fell off a ladder at home and has been in great pain ever since. She refuses to see a doctor. As you delve into the case, you will see many levels to this problem. Can you help her?Visit to review the information on the case and respond to the questions in the post.Be sure to read the posts of other students and respond to at least 2 other students. Your responses must reflect critical thinking and engagement in the content. Ask thoughtful questions and leave comments about your agreement or different viewpoint. Answer each question in 2-3 sentencesDiscussion Post 5 (Intervene)Review the Intervene Phase of treatment on the website and answer the following questions

  1. Which of Carla Washburn’s personal goals seems most important to focus on now? Prioritize the goals and identify the most critical.
  2. What can YOU do that the client can not? Think about the skills and interventions you can bring to the process. Be specific about interventions you will employ with the client. Be sure that your intervention is directly related to the client’s goals and the SMART objective you established in the prior phase of treatment.
  3. Review the town map. What resources are available to her? What resources will be required? Include both the formal and informal resources you identified earlier, as well as additional resources that do not appear on the town map or in the case files.
  4. What time factors are involved in accomplishing this goal and how long do you anticipate it will take? What is the deadline?
  5. If there is a setback or negative response, what can you and the client do to overcome this barrier?

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