Your WIT, What Do I Think, is short, reflective work.


Your WIT, What Do I Think, is short, reflective work.  Each WIT is to exhibit your critical analysis skills, your organizational skills for writing,  and your creative thinking skills.  You will write a 2-3 page reflection for each WIT.  Please double-space and use 12-point font size. It is also necessary to cite the text or any source you draw upon as you complete the WIT assignment.  It is best to complete your WIT after engagement with the text material for each chapter.

WIT 5:

Your WIT for Learning Experience 5 is to complete Discussion Questions 1 and 2 on page 191.  The questions are part of the Analyzing Images exercise in response to the following ad:


Question #1: Identify the conclusion and premises of the argument in this advertisement.  Evaluate the argument.  

(Note: When you evaluate the argument, use what you learned in Chapters 5 and 6.  Is the argument logical, persuasive, and fair?  Or, is it flawed?  Explain.)

Question #2: What is the objective of this ad?  Is the ad effective in meeting its purpose?  Discuss the strategies, including rhetorical devices and fallacies, if any, that the creators of this ad used to try to convince the reader to accept their conclusion.

(Note: When discussing the strategies in this ad, comment on all aspects.  For example, in addition to the argument presented, how do the ad’s visual elements reinforce its message?  Why did the creators choose the photo, for example, or the font style?  What impact do they have on the overall argument being presented?)

Read the uploaded document to answer the questions above 3 pages in MLA format I need it in 24 hours

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